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Song Title ReoNa
Singer Vita
Lyrics kegani
Music VITA
Music Label Sony Music Labels Inc
Stars VITA
Album/Movie ReoNa


The original ‘ReoNa Lyrics‘ from the album – ReoNa that has been sung by VITA can be read from below. These song lyrics are written by Lyricist – kegani.

ReoNa VITA Lyrics


Life will never forget you.

Doomsday and
I will die.
What is the difference?

Just physical disappearance.
Because life will go on well

Hand from person to person
Memories are connected

Warm and colorfast
Keep it in your heart

It’s not over yet. It can’t be eliminated.
Never burn out
Life will never forget you.

Whether similar or sad.
I’m thinking about the party.
Life will never forget you.
I will never forget you.

Yeah, even if you plug your ears.
Even if you don’t talk
Even if it’s out of sight
A deafening heartbeat
Even if I’m afraid of tomorrow
Even if you are afraid of the past
If you want to live inside you,

I disappeared, even if you disappeared.
The world will go on

So whether or not
Even if there is only one proof.
Prove life

Have been carrying on spinning.
Carve it down
Life will live with you.

Thank you, goodbye.
I won’t forget it.
Life will live with you.

I will definitely live with you.

Try one’s best to go back and forth
Burn to ashes alive
Return to land

Bloom and wither
Life is forever

It’s not over yet. It can’t be eliminated.
Never burn out
Life will never forget you.

Meeting things, collecting things.
Loved things.
Life will never forget you.
Because I won’t forget it all
Tell the story of life

I won’t forget it
Never forget it.

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