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Song Title raimei
Singer Tokoyami Towa
Lyrics buzzG
Music buzzG
Music Label COVER Corp.
Stars Tokoyami Towa
Album/Movie raimei


Hindi & English ‘raimei Lyrics‘ from the album – raimei that has been sung by Tokoyami Towa are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Tokoyami Towa and the music is the composition of Tokoyami Towa.

raimei Tokoyami Towa Lyrics in English


[Verse 1]
‘Cause I’ll always be your prisoner
there is no one but you
A little dizzy all the time Do you turn away?
I won’t let you pretend

You say you like it, you say you’re cute
spoiled and superstitious
You know it’s impossible
Even if you sway, you’ll get caught

swing the glass heart
Suck it down to the marrow of your bones
Confuse me to the point of breaking
You know, you know, you know
Love you, roll it in the palm of your hand
Running around the dreadnought galaxy
The numbing voice is Raimei

[Verse 2]
It’s just a selfish delusion
Look this way, I can’t love anyone other than you
I’m sure you’re a moody person
Someday I’ll go crazy with jealousy

I’m annoyed that it’s a tribute
Muzzle I want to thrust
Is this a sunk cost? “Just love and hate?”
I don’t care

Take care of yourself first
Tame and kill in a warm birdcage
With a bruised smile
You know, you know, you know
That devilish and invincible, but dangerous and cute body
bewitched to the point of sickness

Give me more depending on your mood
Imagination That’s all right
Ah, just like this, to hell,
Let’s depend together
Low low low low low…
La la la la…

Up until now, I sang while swinging my glass heart
even your own heart
Do you know?
Love you, love only me who rolled in the palm of your hand
Love that makes you numb to the point of enchantment is Raimei?

raimei Tokoyami Towa Song Video

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