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Singer Gewoon Boef
Lyrics Gewoon Boef
Music Gewoon Boef
Music Label BOEF MUSIC
Stars Gewoon Boef


Hindi & English ‘NATTE SOKKEN Lyrics‘ from the album – NATTE SOKKEN that has been sung by Gewoon Boef are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Gewoon Boef and the music is the composition of Gewoon Boef.



[Verse 1]
Money is my goal, so I just let her head
She waters my pens
And leaves on wet socks
I’m unstoppable
I will continue as Arjen Robben
Sketchers nearby, everyone is at Van Gogh’en
Three days of balloons guarantee that you will vomit
More like chauwa bottles you guarantee its cost
Here they press your keys I’m not sure if they floss
Surinamese or will she stir fry
I’m hungry, don’t lie
Belly gets fatter, because we eat
Waygu and no pot roast
Me drerrie that spit fire, but clannie asks me if he has smoke
Am a businessman, I have millions, but did public transport
Pain and a lot of misery, but my kids are safe anyway
Shooting, again someone went down that door
Never look down on that do
Gunner so I donate
Do you think I don’t feel your pain, gappie I was also skeer
Thoughts of loot yes when I philosophize
And she won’t tell me no because she knows I’ll do it anyway
Sitting in a Lambo but we’re stressing about a lung flow
Come into the streets and they ask me for pokoes
‘Cause I’m mostly sick look at how many hits I’m coughing up
But luckily I wear a face mask
I had to clap that barrel
Jail or escape
As long as corona almost had to start fund for rappers
Because I have contacts
Pin but also cash
Drerries in the coke, they won’t fall over again
How I run from home, you think I’m a baseball player
It’s that boy from the pit who made it gap
Now I get presents from the scene during Father’s Day

[Verse 2]
The first was already hard now the 2nd is going off
That thing is 63 when I kick c’s
I hadn’t done much here
Then I was better off
Cup with
Toes tight
I’m driving here with a tee tight
New valve
I measure it
They know I’m that hot guy
They close roads for us
Titty with a rain suit
A tenner if I’m a little bratty
Those men brother they know that
Those things brother we live that
He is shocked when he grabs a little
That shit is trifle here
We got code don’t fuck no little bitch here from your own neighborhood
I’m a striker brother like I’m driving Flitsmeister
My boy walks with under armor
Only buys pipes and bikes
That little one of mine is always sitting there
We eat extensively
I don’t want to hear anything
Of the time is ripe
I do turn gray
That day will never come when she understands me
Sometimes I also don’t understand that she stays with me
We carry body bags brother that bigshoppers tear open
You must be sweating buddy
Don’t keep whining dude
Check heli radar brother he says he’s just flying over the border
Give me another hour to the neighborhood
And throw open that garage
Lie in my bed here next to my wife
She thinks what does that guy think
I got up and dressed
I’m walking out of here smoking tobacco ash
I bought that golf 8 r but I could buy Bentley
usually always quiet those whores precede you here
Sell money


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