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Kame Hame Lyrics:- Check out the full lyrics of the song titled “Kame Hame” sung by Arcangel from album – Kame Hame on this page.

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Song Title Kame Hame
Singer Arcangel
Lyrics Austin Santos
Music Label Rimas Entertainment LLC.
Stars Arcangel
Album/Movie Kame Hame


Hindi & English ‘Kame Hame Lyrics‘ from the album – Kame Hame that has been sung by Arcangel are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Arcangel and the music is the composition of Arcangel.

Kame Hame Arcangel Arcangel Lyrics


Let’s go pal Choli, right?
Yeah haha huh!
cash cash gimme
The one who wasn’t there shouldn’t call, I’m in mine, the one who has a problem with that should suck it
I’m still valid mamen, I feel Super Saiyan kame hame ‘I’m harder than a fist of Muhammad

Bastard, don’t you see? the stress that caused the film in play never paused it (Wow) camera lights applause the Choli more exploited than a rubber
OMI tell me if I stop because if I continue, a nerve is formed I look expensive (Expensive)
So I’m on my Kilimanjaro peak
I watch these bastards, I can’t stand a verb
Fendace dress with the minion, they gon’ fall if I get up on the left side
I mean, short bastards, calm down, don’t shrink, you guys are glued to the floor like the mailboxes
Smoking yela with Seba, with Beli and with Ela, they have to squeeze bastards I’ve been winning for a long time (Ah)
I have a bad habit of spending a hundred thousand pesos on fabric but the drip from that ice I have freezes (freezes)
Stop crying in February, Choli is going to sing, but meanwhile Mr. Santos will continue to crack the street

(Ok report in hand what it says was that I sold 80,000 tickets in about 6 hours’
This bastard would have made a Hiram (two, three, four) what the hell was the other thing I had to say?
No more dates were sold because they were not available)

Smoking Portobello with Chimi on the road
Bad Bunny the iPhone stepback Luka, they are not in anything I have them as a whore
The Jumpa hits’ well hija’e’puta
Dressed in black with Diem all the hundred bills
Tell Carrion we have him hostage
All these hoes see me as a Ken
Killing them for me is something typical, I have more tricks than politicians
Yesterday I went to the bank with Myke and they said (Wow) that there are many digits (digits, digits)
Seven choli yes, if I want full ten plus ten plus three ain’t gonna zero for less (Ah)

Ha ha
Austin, baby (Austin, baby)
Lama (The Marash)
We don’t see there (We don’t see there)
We don’t see there (There)
Let’s see right there (Ha Ha)
Okay (Okay) Okay (Okay)
EHXX “The Professor”
Flow Factory

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