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Guarda Roupa Lyrics in English:- Check out the full lyrics of the song titled “Guarda Roupa” sung by Fred & Fabrício from album – Guarda Roupa on this page.

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Song Title Guarda Roupa
Singer Fred & Fabrício
Lyrics Fred & Fabrício
Music Fred & Fabrício
Music Label Som Livre
Stars Fred & Fabrício
Album/Movie Guarda Roupa


Hindi & English ‘Guarda Roupa Lyrics‘ from the album – Guarda Roupa that has been sung by Fred & Fabrício are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Fred & Fabrício and the music is the composition of Fred & Fabrício.

Guarda Roupa Lyrics


No, I’m not making drama
All I suffer is for real
Inside lives a heart
It was never a sin to miss

It was bad if I don’t know how to call you an ex
It’s just that the queue got stuck on your turn
I’m not begging you to come back to me
But if you want to come

There’s a lot of your stuff in that wardrobe
I don’t want to throw it away and start from scratch
My dengo I still love you
My dengo I still want you

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