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Favela Vive 5 Lyrics in English:- Check out the full lyrics of the song titled “Favela Vive 5” sung by ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel from album – Favela Vive 5 on this page.

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Song Title Favela Vive 5
Singer Adl Major Rd Mc Hariel
Lyrics ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel
Music ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel
Music Label ADL
Stars ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel
Album/Movie Favela Vive 5


Hindi & English ‘Favela Vive 5 Lyrics‘ from the album – Favela Vive 5 that has been sung by ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel are down below. The song lyrics have been written by ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel and the music is the composition of ADL, Major RD, MC Hariel.

Favela Vive 5 Lyrics


If night turns to day, tracers shine in the sky
I ask God to enlighten me at this moment
Forgive my enemies, they are still beginners
I thought I could tie a lion with string
You don’t understand my face because I’m always upset
If you understand what happens, you should be angry
There is a doctor on call for 27 patients
27 advisors for just one deputy
It’s the country inside the hole
You see the humiliated teacher inside the classroom
For alms salary
While the world enriches and idolizes influencers
Who makes videos on Instagram to indicate the store to you
If you speak without thinking, but you’re releasing cool clothes
If you generate content that adds nothing to nothing
Get ready to be famous and be at the top of the charts
You are the newest candidate for idol of the kids
Brother Moïse beaten to death at the kiosk
It’s the state murdering the youth in the favela
Lately I don’t have time to go to the studio to make music
Summon my pen when going to war
“Day of the hunt and the hunter” I’m tired of hearing this shit
Crooked comedy that doesn’t understand crazy life
There are rules in the favela, which is a jungle made of stone.
And what day did you see the zebra with the lion in its mouth?
I see life imitating that sad movie
Me doing a crowded show in the middle of covid
Ladies and gentlemen, I will play the violin
As we watch the Titanic sink
Verse 2Major RD

Good night Sir. listener, so here’s the deal
I promise not to take up all your time
My name is Major RD
I’m a trendy mc that won’t make it past 2030
I came to spit out truths, if you don’t like it, you can turn off your PC
I founded Brutang, won some blood battles
With flexible flow boomerang
And my ex says it’s for fame, oh fuck you
I saw my cousin Alexandre get involved in crime
To be beaten to death with your hands tied
And no chance to defend yourself
broad thinking
I always knew rap was a temple
That’s why I don’t go soft on the field
I’m out of the sample
Even without cache rap it was the job
For ‘menozada I became an example
Favela lives, knowing that Lucas is not alive
I will repeat whenever possible
Massive effect, black fuck is attractive
They want to kill you for no reason
Rio de Janeiro made me learn that if I step where I shouldn’t, I’ll die with a reputation as a drug dealer
Smaller so my mom didn’t have to bury me in high school claiming I was a student
I always dodged the problem in supreme elegance
At dawn at the barbante dance
You didn’t even leave cornstarch, your own conversation condemns
And what did you do for your important area?
I saw BK, DK, Funkero, and Bill rhyming in the rain with a verse without a curve
Thought: “I feel it, this is real”
I passed the test in the poison and did the ‘mermo
I’ve always honored the commitment, Lord knows, it’s unreal
I set up a record label, I bought 2 expensive horses
I took some minors out of crime, Rock Danger is a legacy
Holy protector is the one who protects my soldiers
Favela enemy of the state
Verse 3Mc Hariel

favela lives
Things that those who are only favela live
Dream is a kilometer away, death is millimeters away
Favelas live, but some do not survive
With the end early and eight bullets on the perimeter
Since I was a kid, there are things that I don’t understand and that was eating away at me, I had to express myself
But how many die, how many suffer at the hands of filthy racism and have no chance to speak?
Look how many people die in the name of peace
Rally, trail of blood left behind
Today the devil is saying: “God, above all”
Police van for his henchmen turned into a gas chamber
How long does? Everyday is April 1st
No one saw progress, just another fake news
The order was to end the mamata of Brazil
But in four years what was just regressed
Me and my homies, following the Brown line
I don’t pay dick to the boy who is a fan of the Van Damme movie
Brazil is jungle, we are too much for your backyard
For us, it’s normal, you’re a madam’s dog
Revolt for us is a natural state
Disposition we have even in the absence of incentive
Armored mind, originally original
In favor of the system crash, Favela Vive 5
Verse 4Lord

I opened the notepad to close another account
Before being stuck with a spike
Run if they see that you are the color they are against
Corre is the smaller guy, who now confronts us
Say who doesn’t want to be able to go up
Without being interrupted by the machine gun cops
Bad energy, strong prayer from the shepherdess
We saw poor people die that weren’t even from the mouth
At the time of the soap opera, several residents in the alley
television news war
15 year old G3 in the window
Houu, no news for those who live in the favela
Life of the soldier in slippers and shorts
Party to forget the mourning, nothing changes
Whiskey for a hangover
Expensive life, cheap labor
“You don’t want to know anything”
Favela is fighting but has not won yet
If I remember who died, Edivaldo, Amarildo and Moïse
Getting inside your mind since you were born
For you to be a Zé Pequeno and never be an MC Poze
Favela is fighting but has not won yet
If I remember who died, I miss you, I cry many times
I wish if I killed in these verses we lived
I wish only I getting rich in the favela would win
If one of us is trapped, no one is free
One of us is hungry, nobody is fed
If you see injustice with one of us and you’re quiet, man
You don’t close with us neguin, you close on the other side
Tycacula’s Vision: AK’s So Happy Minors
They should be happy like Major: 60K
They should be playing ball, Brazilian champion
Artillery Kid, Mason’s Glove
But it seems that we fit like a glove
A black man on the track: for them grapes, PM abuses
Very different from what many rappers say
They didn’t live at all, they just went up to record the clip
But where I came from, I saw minor die

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