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Song Title Exit
Singer Polska Wersja Gibbs
Lyrics Polska Wersja, Gibbs
Music Polska Wersja, Gibbs
Music Label Polska Wersja
Stars Polska Wersja, Gibbs
Album/Movie Exit

Hindi & English ‘Exit Lyrics‘ from the album – Exit that has been sung by Polska Wersja, Gibbs are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Polska Wersja, Gibbs and the music is the composition of Polska Wersja, Gibbs.

Exit Polska Wersja, Gibbs Lyrics

Chorus: Gibbs
From an ocean that consisted only of tears
From the labyrinth of the soul to finally go through it
Out of the dark I’ll come out like a shadow, as if I’m sure
That happiness is somewhere to go straight
Make sense out of lost thoughts
It’s not your fault sometimes it builds stress
You will come out of the dark like a shadow, as if you were sure
That the day will come to go straight

I know it from cover to cover, not from observations from behind plexiglass,
Like little children, we are looking for a way out of trouble
Go out to meet them, that’s the only way you’ll find EXIT
Though it’s hard for you from birth to death Man,
I have a short fuse, lack of hope leads to aggression
When darkness surrounds me, I strain my eyes, I remember the dawn
I remember him, I find that door
The life of the Polish Version is to be or not to be like Shakespeare
Nevertheless, an eagle on his chest, fists raised up
And a whole sea of objections, believe me, in the darkness I hid this content
Did you find them, tell me, thanks, we are grateful to you
The way out of difficult situations is always within reach
As the blue of the sky will come to an end,
The coldness of consequences, unfulfilled promises
From human tragedy will come young and angry
In crowns of thorns, I’m waiting for those days when

I’d like to be ready for tomorrow, I don’t know what the new day will bring
Walking the road of no return, which consists of these short scenes
A little joy, a little happiness, a little sadness, a little shame until you run out of pulse
At the end you will probably meet him, he will light your way like the Messiah
So many thoughts on your mind, and it’s hard to trust too, I know, I won’t tell
Respect others as you would like yourself, to people with a heart, no matter what you look at
We will find a way out where nothing goes
Lost in the darkness of life, it can no longer be like this
Believing that you will eventually find your peace helps you endure when you feel resistance
Inhale and exhale like Yin-Yang, bad luck or luck, it’s a battle
The eternal struggle between good and evil, you still play with your fate
Even if it was the worst dream, there is always a way out
Now it’s time to go out on people, I’m going where the EXIT sign leads
Before your eyes the dawn is awakening, may this flame not be extinguished

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