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El Hajah Lyrics:- Check out the full lyrics of the song titled “El Hajah” sung by Sultan Al-Murshid from album – El Hajah on this page.

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Song Title El Hajah
Singer Sultan Al-Murshid
Lyrics Hanan
Music Rakan
Music Label Sultan Al-Murshid
Stars Sultan Al-Murshid
Album/Movie El Hajah


Hindi & English ‘El Hajah Lyrics‘ from the album – El Hajah that has been sung by Sultan Al-Murshid are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Sultan Al-Murshid and the music is the composition of Sultan Al-Murshid.

El Hajah Lyrics


I’m afraid you will need what is your longing
And you take me on my diet and lose
I am your medicine, and I do not betray your obedience
And if you can see me, I can
Comment me on your wish and Mfrdk
I don’t like you, and I don’t see you on my heart
With you, listen is forbidden, and God will compensate you
Mkhalini with your praise and victory

Honestly, reply me to myself before I see you
I will come back as you used to know me
On your business, walk the lie of your circumstances
And you can feel your sins and do justice to me
When do you fill your eyes with your paws?
When do you make me feel your voice and your wages?
It’s a mistake, please separate us, and I won’t see you
And the mistake of being satisfied with your closeness is losing your feeling

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