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Song Title | DJ
Singer Nct 127
Lyrics DJ
Music NCT 127
Music Label SM Entertainment
Stars NCT 127
Album/Movie Ay-Yo – The 4th Album Repackage


Hindi & English ‘DJ Lyrics‘ from the album – Ay-Yo – The 4th Album Repackage that has been sung by NCT 127 are down below. The song lyrics have been written by NCT 127 and the music is the composition of NCT 127.

DJ NCT 127 Lyrics in korean


This one goes out to my friends, man
Like soul and R&B
If you’re ready, I’m ready
DJ, turn it on, let’s go!

Ayo, 다 맡겨봐, popping vinyl
세상의 모노톤 먼지 좀 털어
내게도 들려줘
Earphone 속 취향 그 music
이 밤을 위한 appetizer야
I love to blast it loud in stereo
Wake up, 다 같이 들어봐
외쳐, here we go
Yeah, 느껴주면 돼
We got that groove
We got that rhythm
다음 신청 곡은 뭐 할래

(Ooh) 밤의 두근거림 더 키워봐
어떤 장르도
모두 선물해 줄 수 있어 난
너를 위한 harmony
맘을 녹일 melody
Put some records on

Feelin’ wonderful
널 들썩이는 vibe (Yeah)
What a night (Uh)
I’m feelin’ wonderful
가만히 귀 기울여 봐
We alive

Yeah, 취한 듯이
Give me feels

Jazzy한 리듬 위 DJing
기분이 가는 대로
연주해 today
만들어 new thangs, thangs (Thangs!)
나른한 긴장감
너와 내 허밍을
같이 퍼트려, mic on
Come on, sing it, I’ma listen
고민 따윈 잠시 keep해
너의 favorite song이
나오니 즐겨야지

(Ooh) 맘의 작은 소리 더 들어봐
지친 하루도
내가 위로할 테니 잊어 봐 (잊어 봐)
너를 위한 harmony
맘을 녹일 melody
Put some records on

Feelin’ wonderful (So wonderful)
널 들썩이는 vibe (Ooh-woah)
What a night (Hey, oh, what a night)
I’m feelin’ wonderful (Wonderful)
가만히 귀 기울여 봐
We alive

Yeah, I’m unreal
Like a cape and a mask
넋을 뺐어
Voilà, like something in her glass
She goes “Woah!” (Woah!)
And I’m like “Ooh!”
음악에 난 취했어
On the rock (Break it, break it)
Break it down, break it down
Break it, break it, break it
When I’m on the stage
밟아 step 휘끼 휘끼
Rhythm, so jazzy
My feeling, it’s like Stevie
Yeah, fill the glass to the top
Are you feeling it?

Feelin’ kinda wonderful
(봐 온 세상이 colorful)
Feelin’ kinda wonderful
(Let’s get it)
Feelin’ kinda wonderful
(Come on!)
Feelin’ kinda wonderful
Feelin’ kinda wonderful
(Wonderful 오늘도)
Feelin’ kinda wonderful
Feelin’ kinda wonderful
(밤이 비춰주는 조명 아래
We’re so beautiful, yeah)
Feelin’ kinda wonderful (Yeah!)
끝나지 않을 거야
밤이 남아 있는 한
Feelin’ wonderful tonight

Feelin’ wonderful (Wonderful!)
춤추고 싶은 vibe (Tonight!)
(Tonight is gon’ be the night, ooh)
What a night
리듬을 타고서
가득히 스며 드는 밤
We alive
(Ha, let’s get it, get it, get it, ya)

Feelin’ kinda wonderful
(Woo, are you ready now?)
Oh, babe
(I’m definitely ready)
순간에 멈춰서
(I’m feelin’ wonderful, baby)
가만히 귀 기울여 봐
(And it’s a good feelin’ to be alive, come on and)
We alive
(Let’s shine, baby)

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