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Song Title Dívej
Singer Calin Viktor Sheen
Lyrics Calin & Viktor Sheen
Music D.Kop
Music Label Viktor Sheen & rychlí kluci
Stars Calin, Viktor Sheen
Album/Movie Dívej


Hindi & English ‘Dívej Lyrics‘ from the album – Dívej that has been sung by Calin, Viktor Sheen are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Calin, Viktor Sheen and the music is the composition of Calin, Viktor Sheen.

Dívej Calin, Viktor Sheen Lyrics in English


The light refracts when it hits my Benz
I drive slowly, I drive after her, no rush
I love when her ass sits on my face
I love you baby but don’t talk to me when I’m writing a track
I’m starting to spin it so much my pockets have stretch marks again like the baby squatting on me has
All that I live, on paper, in the car plays Prague/Vienna, I’m far away, I can’t see you, where are you?

On the flight to Paris, when there is a beautiful view, I wear lines on my palm and I know
We’re chosen, I’m glad it’s us, it’s us, it’s us, yeah (yeah)
And we finish the drink, wait my bars, we have the last moments and I know
We’re elected I’m glad it’s us, it’s us, it’s us, yeah

When I shoot, it’s three, feel free to call me papi
I have my brothers with me, smart moves, chess
The role is spinning, hidden behind the paintings – Banksy
I hear how the stream is ours, I found it, we are
They grew into beauty, permanent stays passé
Children of immigrants and now we are everywhere
With everyone like Vansy, don’t worry baby, I’ve been there like you
And you’ll be there in no time, just like me

Lights won’t pass through my tinted windows
I’m sitting on the back, I’m starting to feel good
And now the whole world has its eyes fixed on us
Bitch look at us taking him for granted

I’m starting to spin it like a master (look), the road trip is coming to you (look), Moldova, Kazakhstan (look)
My Mercedes-Benz home (look), the V-klasse is full (look), my boys jump out (look)
I’m starting to spin like a gentleman (look), the road trip is coming to you (look), Bohemia, Moravia (look)
My Mercedes-Benz home (look), the V-klasse is full (look), my boys jump out



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