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Bouquet Lyrics:- Check out the full lyrics of the song titled “Bouquet” sung by MOMO SANA MINA from album – Bouquet on this page.

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Song Title Bouquet
Singer Momo Sana Mina
Lyrics Katsuhiko Yamamoto
Music Katsuhiko Yamamoto
Music Label TWICE
Album/Movie Bouquet


Hindi & English ‘Bouquet Lyrics‘ from the album – Bouquet that has been sung by MOMO SANA MINA are down below. The song lyrics have been written by MOMO SANA MINA and the music is the composition of MOMO SANA MINA.

Bouquet Lyrics


If I could go back in time
If I could meet myself that day
I would give myself a gentle hug
What will be will be, baby

I couldn’t love myself
Couldn’t live up to expectations
In a tear-streaked world, I grew to love you

Even though I can’t bring myself to put on a
smiling face
I must have a heart that is able to smile

Is it alright that things stay the way they are?
Am I alright just the way I am?
So don’t push yourself too hard
Until the day you grow to love the imperfect you

Don’t worry, you will be smiling in the future

Line up the stones that tripped you up and
grind them together
Shine forth
Be the stone that shines ever so brightly

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