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Bahebak W Khayef Lyrics:- Check out the full lyrics of the song titled “Bahebak W Khayef” sung by Tamer Ashour from album – Tamer Ashour on this page.

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Song Title Bahebak W Khayef
Singer Tamer Ashour
Lyrics Tamer Ashour
Music Tamer Ashour
Music Label Tamer Ashour
Stars Tamer Ashour
Album/Movie Tamer Ashour


Hindi & English ‘Bahebak W Khayef Lyrics‘ from the album – Tamer Ashour that has been sung by Tamer Ashour are down below. The song lyrics have been written by Tamer Ashour and the music is the composition of Tamer Ashour.

Bahebak W Khayef Lyrics


I love you and I’m afraid we’ll get close.. get lost
I love you.. and know.. that it is impossible
I love you and I’m sorry.. Majesty took me away
You and I are a case.. that everyone rejected!

I love you saying…
Inside of war
Saying it in my mind..
Difficult to pronounce
This is a fateful situation.
Makes me terrified

Look it in my eyes
In the twitch of my hands
You will find her alive.
My shy heart

Please read the messages..
You will find me saying
that i love you..
Between the lines

It’s clear in my words.
And between him, peace be upon him
Oh my all…
And my biggest worries

I’m afraid of what I’ll say
Don’t play her role
die from its roots
And die I thought

I love you and I’m silent.. I don’t get a biography
I love you and understand.. This is a heavy word
Even if she.. looks normal to you
Look at seems impossible

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