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Song Title ASA
Singer Babymonster
Album/Movie ASA


Hindi & English ‘ASA Lyrics‘ from the album – that has been sung by BABYMONSTER are down below. The song lyrics have been written by BABYMONSTER.

ASA Lyrics

508 all on my side
They gon’ ride
They gon’ ride
Tell ya, this a homicide
Oh my God, oh my God
I said I was gon’ retire
I like, I lied

I ain’t got no stupid job
this my life this my wait
All of you all wishy and washy

This is God plan
Someone stop me
I was sent here from
Evil scriptures return on my body

Me and Satan
Pull up in a red Bugatti
Don’t be tryna
Put your arm around me

44 shots traumatize in front on
45 feet 44 more carbon copy says
You kamikazes
That’s for everybody

Mama, poppy,
Sister, brother, cousin,
Uncle, aunty
This is not versace
This is hot hibachi

This is panorama
This is flexion movie
I am Mahatma Gandhi
A crazed humanoid anunaki

With plenty hammers
When I am riding shotty
Better use your manners
When you talk about me
Aint too hard to fine me

I have been killing sockerrs
Still ain’t nothing left though
Joyner Lucas sicker
Than a strep throat
Spanish shit that want to give me besos

They must have forgot I was next up
Speed out your crib
rigth then Imma
Go to the pocket this
Put all your money in escrow

F whay you saying
I am not the one
That you play with
I think they really mistaken
I wasn’t next up?

You thought wrong and you all gone,
All done
I just might bring back
Don Juan
I just might bring back Sean John
Tell P Diddy that I am on one

I’ma beat it down with
a Du-Rag
Getting ate out
That’s a popcorn
Promise with you
That’s too bad

My Jamaica chick
Got socks on
Every time I hit it
She be like “wagwan”

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