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Song Title 150 Bars Infinity
Singer Pa Sports
Lyrics PA Sports
Music PA Sports
Music Label Life Is Pain
Stars PA Sports
Album/Movie 150 Bars Infinity


Hindi & English ‘150 Bars Infinity Lyrics‘ from the album – 150 Bars Infinity that has been sung by PA Sports are down below. The song lyrics have been written by PA Sports and the music is the composition of PA Sports.

150 Bars Infinity Lyrics in English


[PA Sports]
It’s that time again
Groundhog Day every two years, heh

[PA Sports]
I’m tired of you sons of bitches, just see sons of bitches since
A few years and I wonder who writes for you sons of bitches
Raps like sons of bitches live, whether male or female
Doesn’t change anything for me that you remain sons of bitches

[PA Sports]
And tell your ghostwriters to rhyme like sons of bitches
I almost forgot
You are all sons of bitches to me, whether male or female
That’s called equality
Greetings to all my ladies
You know I’m a gentleman
But unfortunately it’s getting toxic masculine right now
‘Cause today I’m gonna remind you how a real man raps
And I wrote that all by myself, okay?

[PA Sports & Interviewers]
Thirty years war for a piece of this cake
Let’s start again: Your mothers remain whores
Paparazzi in front of the door, in my garden like freaks
Mister CEO, we have a few questions for you
What is your situation after a few years in Berlin?
Life is Pain is number one and everyone blows for free
Earn stream billions because I was poor on the street
And we’re seriously thinking about moving to Malibu
Tell me, is the Ruhrpott dead for you? Aren’t you in Essen anymore?
All nonsense, Digga, I would never forget my streets
Got my property in the pot and my property in West Berlin
Always commute between family and business appointments
What goes on the street, there is still war
Because greats from the underworld pull through their films?
The shit stopped cause I’m really from here
An original 45, we’re not like you
Look, Fitna in Essen started with the first three million
But the truth always comes out when the right people meet
I’m a hero in my city, they all come to Berlin
Because since I’ve been gone, there’s nothing left to keep her in my city
Tell me, are the rumors true that the detective is with you?
I sat with the Bull’n once, but was never in court
Had to make a decision then
It’s like chess strategy, you can’t trust anyone in this shark tank
Business as usual if you get over it one day
The street tests you, I survived this phase
Without testifying, without paying anyone for protection
How broken I was inside was invisible to most
How about rappers, why no more disses?
All young pussies, bring me something to fuck
Everyone knows what kind of shit is on the market
But no one says it, because they make each other sympathetic
Just blowing around for a bit of clout with someone who has nothing on the box
This country is just a disgrace
We give fake products hip-hop credibility
Don’t tell me anything if you wrote your first part in a villa
Which rapper is allowed to earn? Digga, Spotify decides
And as I write this, Spotify makes me even richer
It’s paradoxical shit, but my rapper’s heart bleeds to death
Because our great love is becoming more and more of a whore
They are fake clicks for fake artists
Then on the stage they prove how fake they are, but nobody in this game says it
Mayflies, whose hypes die down after two or three EPs
For you, rap is just a short vacation on Pattaya Beach
Just a short ego push in real society
But only a small Piç has songs from you in his library
talking about equality
But when I say that they rap shit, it means: “They’re women, so show respect”
The little one wants to be treated as if she were a man
So I fuck her for some shit like she’s a man
No, we still don’t have Missy, Lil’ Kim or Nicki
But they absolutely want to create it artificially, like graffiti
Bring me all your rappers, believe me, Rua fucks them
And send them one by one back to their city
I bow to no one, what brings female empowerment
When guys write and decide everything in the background?
Who are you kidding with that shit? Make rap your hostage
But there’s a price tag on every line the little girl spits
Have respect for every queen, but baby, keep it real
You guys are nice pop products but don’t know anything about MCeen, those are facts
Man, you all do these tricks yourself
Yet most sell more than half of their splits
This isn’t about my taste, that’s why I report your hits
German rap is a whore and I’m milking this bitch
Tell me, how’s your label? A few people left
Tell me, which of these people is relevant to this day?
No, they never thanked me for fulfilling their dreams
Didn’t appreciate anything, let the devil get at them
If you wanted the euros for yourself, complexes arise
Because a six-foot-tall guy is her boss
But don’t check the deal
Every second Kack-Kanak pretends to be a manager, but overestimates himself immeasurably
Grant everyone their own path, the contracts are okay
But we’re just getting out of the minus and they’re talking about going
I was never fucked up at heart
But if you want to fool me, I’ll fuck you with the same cock that I used to create you
Do you already know how long you’ll be doing this label?
It’s a tough decision, you don’t give up your baby
Just enjoying how every German major sucks me
Although every night I find that PA hates me for it, yeah
What went private? The SEK has invaded you
Your ex is stepping on the gas because the job apparently came from her?
Blow up the door, six o’clock in the morning, you’ll just be ripped out
Obsessed with revenge, when will this woman forget me?
Always stayed calm, wrote a deep song after seven years
And instead of thinking about it, it was just: The beef is on
Posters on the internet, caught in their spider web
Because she has been blackmailing me with her love for my child for years
Don’t go into detail if you want to protect the little one
But I’m so often in despair because nobody hears me scream
Tell me, how did you finally make it out of there after all this time?
I got sick myself, but God took care of me
Every time they want me to lose everything
Fate makes me the winner, inshallah it’s like this forever
My greatest ally has always been time
If the game turns in our direction, there is nothing to forgive
People say you’re in love, make couple goals on the internet
So why are you sons of bitches all stunned?
Everyone eventually finds the love of their life
And if anyone talks, I’ll screen them next
They think I’m like them, want me to live up to their cliché
Haten because I don’t want to live with her type of woman
My baby is the best thing that could have happened to my soul
I fuck every son of a bitch who fronts my family
What’s the political situation, still correct as it was back then?
Why no more statements? Remember when was the last time
It’s the same, I’m still the same person
Only there are far too many who wish the world to burn up
Lies abound, they spread it en masse
But in conflicts, I’ve always been on the weak side
Am Nelson Mandela when a black man is wrongly seated
Ahed Tamimi in front of an Israeli police officer
Am Oskar Schindler, if anyone likes to kill Jews
Most are double standard sons of bitches
Am every Syrian whose homeland has been burning for fifteen years
Two faces like Harvey Dent, please stop your argument
Show solidarity, but don’t give us the same value
A white person who flees is worth more than our parents
Worth more than our children and more than our brothers and sisters
You sons of bitches have learned nothing from history
Grew up in the shards
Don’t see any relevance in your woken shit as long as little children die
They talk about genders while inflatable boats capsize
This is not whataboutism, there is war in our countries
Tell a girl from Tehran about western feminism
You have first world problems and you only look one way
Even though shutting up is better, I’m not shutting up
Even if I’m the last one with a message
Minorities become fascists, fight with the same means
People cancel like animals because they tick a little differently
Some things do not yet face, are fanatical and cunning
Each of us should fuck each of you sons of bitches
Stop the interview, bring the riddim back
You’re all welcome to play, but not with my business
When I write bars, you crawl under the bed and tremble
Let me eat your balls, I want to know how it tastes
I’ll keep on flowing, homie, I’ll hunt forever, my path won’t end
Saw little love, betrayal and misery, can’t start over
Been hardcore at the bars, every part aesthetic
Mio cash in Tresi, private helicopters and hot ladies
Pay payments for the whole label, Genius like Archimedes
Hey how are you? Fuck anyone who’s talking right now, the bars are rushing
Bullet hail spray, I spit like a fully automatic AK
120k for the platinum day date, holding a Playmate
Yes, my baby, was only there for the label for the last ten years
But Momma raised a G, my karma rules, I plan daily
Dream of the Garden of Eden, during the day I saw up and in the evening I pray
Underrated champion, I’m tough and I’ve got bars for everyone
Dark-faded, baby, marketing schemes for black souls
Stack my fees like Tetris, frontal turning kicks
Hard training like never before, drop captain shit
Mentality is Ali Daei, baby, my stuff tears you apart
Nothing is basic here, the flow pattern is so asymmetrical
Quality is unavailable in your Junkie playlist
Want my para ASAP, have Texas chains and massacre foibles
A hundred bars of payback, tough statements one last time

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